6 Most Common Commercial Roof Problems And Their Solutions

It may not be such a common thing to witness major problematic roofs.

However, minor roof issues can soon escalate to major issues, leading to expensive repairs. 

To avoid the trouble and repair cost, here are six common problems that you can detect and fix before it turns into something big. 

Watch Out For Leaking Roofs

Only a few lucky commercial buildings experience less or no roof leakage. 

On the other hand, this comes as an uninvited problem for most buildings. If you ever notice leakage in your roof, it is best never to ignore it and fix it right at the initial stage itself. 

The solution: To ensure there is no water intrusion, we recommend having a bi-annual preventative maintenance schedule by experienced general commercial contractors

Focus on Quality Roof Construction

High-quality roofing products are one of the biggest investments you’ll make for your commercial building.

Like with any big investment, the choice of contractor can mean the difference between a perfect project and a disastrous one. 

Settling for low-quality or cheap contractors may result in a poorly built roof. This can lead to severe roof issues like blow-offs, punctures, leaks, and shrinkage. 

Tip: Make sure you get your roofing done by someone who will provide an inspection report and knows what they are doing, such as Bison Roofing.

On the other hand, if you are located in Fort Collins, Colorado you have more options to choose from.

To find the top roofing company Fort Collins has to offer, research and compare different companies.

Consider factors such as their experience, certifications, customer reviews, and warranties offered before making a decision.

Roof Maintenance is a Must 

While building owners become involved in making sure that their four walls look the absolute best, they often leave behind the fifth one, the roof. 

Anything that is not taken care of gives in overtime. To ensure that the same does not happen with the roof, make sure your facility manager follows a strict maintenance protocol.

This should include important checks like pitch pockets, checking the quality of your base flashing, and checking for ponding water. 

Watch Out for Ponding Water

The ponding water issue is one of commercial buildings’ most common flat roof issues.

This usually happens when leaves and other materials clog the drains. During rain, the water sits in the clogged area. 

If the water is stagnant for more than 48 hours, it is termed “undesirable” by the NRCA. 

The solution: Cleaning and maintaining your drainage systems regularly will prevent problems with roof drainage.

You may also want to install roof drains or use tapered roof installation. 

Do Not Let It Sink

Shrinking of roofs is also a very common issue that is seen in most commercial places. This usually occurs when the roof has a single-ply. 

In the case of shrinkage, the roof usually pulls itself away from the wall and thus exposes itself to other major issues.

The best way to avoid it is, yet again, roof inspections. This helps detect the problems before it turns into something big and makes sure that you do not have larger expenses. 

Exposed To Strong Winds

It is not in your hands to control strong winds. However, it is in our hands to make sure that no damage is done after being exposed to them.

This usually happens with single-ply roofs that are not strong enough to stand strong against the suction created by strong winds, forcing them to blow off. 

To make sure that this is not the case with you, get a qualified contractor who will provide high-quality work and inspect the roof regularly to avoid any mishaps later. 

Final Word

Over time, the roofs of commercial buildings catch up with various issues. The most common ones have been discussed in this article.

The solution for most of these problems is keeping a good check on the roof quality, having a proper maintenance routine, and hiring the right contractor to do the job.