5 Ways to Make Your Home Safer

5 Ways to Make Your Home Safer

Our homes are our sanctuaries, so we obviously want to do as much as we can to keep them, and us safe and secure.

With that in mind, I’ve put together some of the best ways you can keep your home safe right now:

5 Ways to Make Your Home Safer

1. Install a security system

These days, you can get very affordable security systems, which you can install yourself, and which can be controlled via your smartphone. It is, then, a no-brainer to install one on your property as soon as you can.

Not only will they help you to catch any suspicious activity and alert the authorities quickly, but their meter presence on the property will deter most criminals from ever setting foot on your land in the first place.

2. Use timers to mimic your precedence

When you are all heading out for the night, set some timers so that your lights, TV, and other appliances come on at random intervals.

If a criminal is watching your house, they will think that someone is home, and this will reduce the chances of them trying to burgle your property significantly. It might sound a bit Home Alone, but it really can be very effective.

3. Keep your plans off social media

It might be tempting to brag about that five-star vacation you are going on next month, but if you’re serious about keeping your home safe, you probably shouldn’t. Criminals will often use social media to find people who are going to be away from home providing them with the perfect opportunity to break in and take what they like.

If you must post o social media, make sure you have the strongest possible privacy settings and only add people you know and trust. Otherwise, just post your vacation shots once you get back! 

4. Take pest control seriously

Of course, it is not only human intruders that you have to worry about. If pests get in your home they can bite you, infect you or even chew through wires that could put you and your family at risk of electrocution.

That’s why you need to schedule regular visits from the rat or mosquito control people or whoever it is that can deal with the problem and stop pests from becoming a persistent issue in your life.

5. Inspect the place regularly

Inspecting your home at least once every month is a great way to keep your home and your family safe. You can check that all of the smoke alarms are working, ensure the security system is functioning properly, and also check that the property is in a good state of repair with no broken floorboards or anything else that could make your home unsafe.

That might seem like a lot of effort, but if you draw up a checklist and tick every item off as you tour the house, it need not take very long at all.

Stay safe out there by making your home as secure as you possibly can from as many threats as you possibly can!