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5 Summer Getaways Every Kid Should Experience

When I was growing up I remember taking a family vacation of some sort every year. I realize now that money must have been tight for my parents but this was so important to them.

Nowadays, money is still tight for us now, but we believe in getting away, even if just for a little while, with the kids each year.

My family and I took three 10-day road trips from Dallas to San Diego and back around. The sights were simply amazing.

Although I have yet to take this same trip with my own children, I do plan to as soon as both time and finances allow.

Thus, where are five summer getaways kids should truly experience?

Tombstone horse and carriage

Summer Getaways

#1 – Well, I am a huge history buff. I love to explore history and believe that every kid should visit and experience the feeling of standing in the exact spot where some great historical event took place.

Here in Texas we have the Alamo in San Antonio that I have actually taken my own kids to before. You can walk through the museum and learn about the mission and the battle that took place and “Remember the Alamo!”

On our road trips to California we would always make a stop in Tombstone, Arizona at the sight of the O.K. Corral gunfight where Wyatt Earp and his brothers, along with Doc Holliday fought the Clantons and McLaurys on October 26, 1881.

Perhaps this was the start of my fascination with all things cowboy and the root of my son’s name (Wyatt).

Destin white sand beach

#2 – My kid love the water. Our summer vacation always seems to cater to this need and I believe every child should see the ocean as least once.

Now, here in Texas we have the Gulf of Mexico, but it has nothing on the blue. clear waters of the ocean.

I have been to both coasts but must admit that Florida had much nicer beaches and cleaner water (of course it all depends on where you go… I have been to San Diego, CA and Destin, FL).  

The 20 hour road trip we made to Florida a few years ago was one of the bests road trips ever! I believe my kids would agree!

On a similar note, summer surf camps should also be something your kid should experience at least once in their lifetime! They are fun and safe for children, and your kid can attend for just one day or one or more weeks if they prefer!

Chey at Walt Disney World

#3 – Florida brings to mind another great summer getaway… an amusement park! While in Florida my dad decided to drive to Orlando and treated us all to a day at Disney World!

Although it rained pretty much the entire day, we ran from ride to ride and rode all that we could. The kids never complained and had the time of their lives!

Closer to home we are able to go to Six Flags over Texas or Fiesta Texas to enjoy the rides for a day. The kids love the rides and simply have no fear when it comes to hopping on those big roller coasters.

Such a fun, exhausting day that makes everyone happy!

Goldfield Ghost Town Arizona

#4 – Spending the summers in Oklahoma with my grandparents helped me learn to love nature and its beauty. Spending time in the mountains and exploring nature and all it contains is another must for children.

Escape to a rustic lodge and forget about modern technology for a bit. Watch deer roam free and smell the trees. Relax and just enjoy the day.

Truly a marvel like no other.

Yosemite National Park springs

#5 – And, finally, our country is full of so many National Parks. Get out and explore one in your state for an easy day trip.

I remember stopping at White Sands, New Mexico as we would drive our 10-day road trip and rolling down the sand dunes with my cousins. 20+ years later this still a memory I cherish!

Whether it was White Sands, the Grand Canyon, or Yosemite, we enjoyed the time we had together in the outdoors… making lifetime memories.

So get out there and explore this great country with the kids! Let them see the national marvels and wonderful geography of our land!

There is so much to see and do whether it is a 10 minute drive or 10-day road trip… experience a getaway with your children they will never forget this summer!