Healthy Choice morning Power Bowls

5 Healthy Habits to Practice Daily

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The new year often signifies a time for change. We reflect on the past year and find ways to improve our daily habits, health, and overall lifestyle. At least that’s what I do.

5 Healthy Habits to Practice Daily

Healthy Habits

I’m the type of person that looks for a lesson in everything. Therefore, I definitely feel as though there’s good reason to look back over the last year and find ways to improve; especially when it comes to my health.

Perhaps it’s because my health took a nose-dive at the end of 2018, but I am working my way back to 100%.

This means adopting better healthy habits. Taking supplements and vitamins daily can help support your body’s functioning.

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Therefore, as I work my way back, I’ll share with you some of what I’ve learned about healthy habits to practice daily.

Eat a Good Breakfast

Eat a Good Breakfast

We’ve all heard this for years; it’s nothing new. But, it goes further than that. WHAT you eat matters as well. And, it seems that vegetables are a great way to start your day!

Healthy Choice morning Power Bowls

To make it easy, Healthy Choice has launched four morning Power Bowls that include purposeful ingredients for a well-balanced meal of leafy greens, proteins, ancient grains and steel cut oats.

Turkey Sausage & Egg White Scramble

For example, the Turkey Sausage & Egg White Scramble features turkey sausage with egg whites and vegetables served on top of steel cut oats, farro, buckwheat and red quinoa with a creamy avocado sauce. It’s delicious and made to give you energy to get through your day.

Together, these ingredients deliver nutritious benefits like 10-15 grams of protein and 3-5 grams of fiber. Eating foods high in fiber and proteins help to keep you feeling full and energized so you don’t crash before lunch.

Eat Healthy All Day

Eat Healthy All Day

Don’t let your healthy habits stop at breakfast. Continue eating well throughout the day as well. Start by planning your meals. Last minute meal choices often lead to less healthy options.

Healthy Choice Vegan and Vegetarian Power Bowls offer bold and exotic flavor combinations that feature a combination of vegetables, legumes and whole grains. Each ingredient matters in Healthy Choice Power Bowls.

Healthy Choice Power Bowls

Not to mention, these vegetarian and vegan power bowls are easy to grab while packing your lunch for the day or when you’re at home wanting something quick and easy.

Plus, each ingredient matters in Healthy Choice Power Bowls. In the Mango Edamame, you will be delighted to taste edamame, mango & vegetables served on top of brown & red rice, red quinoa and black barley with red wine vinaigrette topped with dried cherries & sunflower seeds.

The combination of flavors work together to satisfy your hunger while pleasing your palette.

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

In addition to eating the proper foods, it’s also vitally important to stay hydrated. Every cell, tissue, and organ in your body needs water to continue to work properly. Basically, your body needs water to survive. Period.

get moving by taking a walk

Keep Moving

This doesn’t have to be a heavy-duty exercise regimen, but it does mean you need to get up and move. Start with a good 10-15 minute walk and then work your way up to something more.

Find an exercise that you enjoy, that works for your schedule, and is beneficial to your overall health.

get plenty of sleep

Get Enough Sleep

If you’ve ever skipped a night of sleep or simply were not well-rested after tossing and turning all night, you know how sleep deprivation works. Sleep is crucial to our brain, therefore crucial to our overall well-being.

Develop a habit of getting a good 7 to 9 hours of sleep each night to ensure your brain (and body) gets the rest it needs.

Making your health a priority doesn’t have to be difficult. By adopting healthy habits, they quickly and easily become part of your daily routine.

From meal planning with Healthy Choice Power Bowls to simply getting up and moving more, you can be on your way to better health in no time.