5 Fun Family Games for Rainy Days

5 Fun Family Games for Rainy Days

When the kids are at home and the rain is pouring outside, it is every parent’s worst nightmare. Keeping the kids entertained when the clouds open up may seem easy, especially if you plan to let them veg in front of the TV for the whole day.

Deep down you know that that wouldn’t be the kind of parenting that you would be proud of anyway. Besides, watching TV doesn’t use much energy so you’ll have trouble getting them to sleep.

Instead of them wasting their brains by getting more screen time than they should, try one of the exciting ideas below.

5 Fun Family Games for Rainy Days

These five fun family games will have your children in absolute stitches (not to mention exhausted afterward).

  1. Indoor Treasure Hunt

If you know the weather isn’t going to be great over the weekend, take some time to plan out an adventurous indoor treasure hunt. All you need to create the best hunt is a few simple household items and a creative spirit!

Hide a few little bits and bobs around the house, draw up clues to help your kids find them, and then let the games begin. Remember to hide the breakables first; they will get a little carried away with the excitement of it all.

  1. Passage Bowling

All kids love knocking things over; there is just something that they find so irresistible about it. For this indoor game, you will need fifteen or so empty soda bottles so, ask your neighbors and friends for their empties.

Once the soda bottles are cleaned and dry, arrange them neatly at the end of the passage for a fun round of Passage Bowling. Use a tennis ball in place of the bowling ball⁠—to keep things fun but safe. That is a great alternative for when your kids can’t play outside.

  1. Board Games

Board games are a timeless way to spend time indoors when the weather takes a turn. Modern board games are just as fun as the classics, and all of them can be purchased online, so you don’t even need to go out.

If you don’t have any on hand, a game of Family Feud questions and answers is a fantastic way to teach your children how to take turns while having fun. This hilarious game will help to foster a healthy sense of competition amongst your children and help them learn in the process.

  1. Freeze – Dance Edition

This game is a modern spin on the old-fashioned classic. All you will need is a music speaker and some willing participants. When the music plays, your kids need to shake it all out and dance as crazily as they can.

When the music stops, everyone has to freeze. This game is a great way to pass the time and use up some of their extra energy.

  1. Indoor Tennis

Indoor tennis doesn’t have to require much. All you’ll need is a few paper plates, a string, and a balloon. Demarcate an area for your “court” and separate it in half with the string to make a would-be net. Tape a paper plate to each of their hands and then let them go nuts with the balloon as the ball.

Time indoors doesn’t have to be all about TV and devices, as you can see⁠—a little effort and imagination can go a long way.