person cleaning mirror with sponge while wearing yellow gloves

5 Cleaning Mistakes to Stop Making

It’s that time of year when Spring Cleaning is alive and well in several homes. It’s time to pull things off the shelves to dust, beat out the rugs, and deep clean other forgotten places.

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It’s a yearly ritual hated by most, practiced by many, and loved by some. However you may view it, there is both a right and wrong way to get it done.

person spraying cleaner on bathroom faucet while wearing yellow gloves

Cleaning Mistakes

Are you making one of the five most common cleaning mistakes? There are some mistakes a lot of people are making during their everyday chores.

Find out if you’re making one of these mistakes, and find out how you can prevent yourself from repeating them with these spring cleaning tips.

DO: Spray cleaning detergent on the cloth
DON’T: Spray directly on surface

Have you ever closely looked at the packaging for most of your cleaning supplies? I guarantee at least one of them tells you to spray them on a cloth not directly on the surface.

Direct spraying is usually only recommended if there is a stubborn spot or stain. For daily use, spray the cleanser on the cloth then clean your surface.

DO: Blot liquids on carpet
DON’T: Rub liquid stains into carpet

When you are trying to clean a stain on carpet, you should blot the wet area rather than rub. Put as much possible pressure to help remove the stain. Even when using a stain removal, you still should use the blot method.

DO: Clean sponge after each use
DON’T: Never clean your sponge

Moist sponges are the perfect home for bacteria and other germs. While you may not think it necessary (after all you’re using cleaners) you need to wash it and dry it. Put it in the microwave for about 30 seconds after rinsing well.

DO: Use gloves while cleaning with detergents
DON’T: Clean with your bare hands when using detergents

Hands tend to absorb substances very fast, this is why you need to wear gloves while cleaning. Even using homemade detergents will dry your hands, especially detergents with a vinegar base. If possible, use gloves with a cotton interior for comfort.

DO: Let the toilet brush dry before putting in the holder
DON’T: Put the wet toilet brush in the holder

Bacteria reproduces faster in moist environments. This is why it’s important to only put the toilet brush in the holder when it is dry.

You can put it between the toilet base and the seat or somewhere else out of the way, but make sure not to put it back until it has dried completely.

How many of these cleaning mistakes do you make?

It happens to the best of us. We get into our cleaning routine and often forget to put things away properly or how things should be used.

Now that we know the mistakes to stop making, we can get right to spring cleaning and have our homes spic and span so we can simply enjoy the summer!

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