4 Hacks To Help You Eat Healthier

Eating healthier is a high priority for many of us, yet some seem to find it easier than others. Perhaps you’ve tried a fad diet or two and discovered that they don’t work long-term.

4 Hacks To Help You Eat Healthier

Hacks To Help You Eat Healthier

Maybe you’ve never been into dieting, but you like the idea of feeling more energetic? Cutting back on the bad foods and drinks takes discipline and a lot of trial and error. If you don’t always get it right, don’t be afraid to start over.

Try an app

To help you to stay healthy, there are plenty of apps which can give you that little boost. Yazio , for example, is a free app that lets you track the nutritional properties of your meals.

In this app, you can make meal plans and get advice on building muscle or losing weight.  You can also connect Yazio to any other fitness apps you have.

There’s also a handy app called ‘MyPlate Calorie Tracker’ which allows you to check calories, set goals and put meal reminders in place. If your goal is to have 500 calorie meals, MyPlate can help you choose the right dishes.

Users of ‘Fitbit’ can not only track their steps but also log their meals to stay on a healthy track. 

Plan ahead

Planning ahead is a really simple way of ensuring that you eat healthier. Each weekend, plan your breakfasts, lunches and dinners for the following week. Purchase all the ingredients that you need without any extras.

Planning ahead can help you to eat less junk food and also to create less waste.

Prepare your lunches the night before so you won’t be tempted to grab something quick and unhealthy on your work lunch break.

Buy only what you need for meals and healthy snacks, so there’s nothing too ‘indulgent’ in the house (with the exception of those cheat day foods)! 

Allocate cheat days

If you want to eat healthier long term, you’ve got to allow yourself the occasional cheat days. Trying to give up all indulgences will mean you’re more likely to crack and get bad into bad habits!

Allow yourself, for example, one cheat day a week (where you can eat whatever you like). Some people like to spread this over two days, allowing two cheat meals a week (e.g one Saturday, one Sunday).

It doesn’t have to be meals; it can be snacks like chocolate, crisps or ice-cream etc. The important thing is that you get a least one treat item a week, (to get you through)!

Cook new dishes

Taking more of an interest in cooking can help motivate you to get healthier over time. Why not buy yourself a new cookbook and surprise yourself by learning how to make some new healthy dishes?

The more that you experiment with food, the more choice you’ll provide yourself with. People often get bored of healthy eating when they run out of recipes to try. If you keep trying new things—you’ll stay on track. 

The holiday season is the time to allow ourselves a few indulgences. When the New Year arrives, hopefully a few of these hacks will come in handy!