30 days of praise

Day 16: As mentioned before, this blog has done amazing things as far as pulling me out of my shell. I have always been happy being a little hermit here at the house but not so much anymore.

Yesterday I attended a fun, informational event with Activision Games 4 Girls. Then, after some family time, it was another “trip to town” for a meeting with the amazing team at Geekbeat.tv. I was able to hang out with the crew and talk “shop” in a low-key, no pressure environment. Now, I cannot wait to start blogging with them. Talk about growing me… their reviews may land me in front of a camera. I am normally behind the camera and rarely jump in front of a video camera at all. Oh yeah, God is definitely growing me!

I have already endured two massages this year although I hate to be touched. On Monday I had to break down and buy a dress for all these media events that call for one. I have not worn a dress since I worked at the law firm 8 years ago! Plus, another thing I hate to do is talk on the phone. I have to talk to PR reps and others periodically and that is a big step for me.

Perhaps the biggest challenge I had to overcome was simply talking to people. I have always felt a little socially awkward and am still a bit standoffish for a bit. But… once I gather my thoughts, hold on to the courage He gives me, and just begin I do fine! Even SuperDad told me at the beginning of the week that he has seen a huge transformation. Considering he has known me longer than anyone except my family, I guess he should know! This really made me feel proud of myself. I remember writing a post at the beginning of the summer about wanting to get out of the rut I was in… and look at me now!

I praise God daily for the opportunities offered through the blog or otherwise. I continuously ask Him to grow me and am appreciative of every step I make with God at my side. It has truly been an incredible journey that is actually just beginning.

How about you? Do you see yourself growing? How?

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