30 days of praise

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Day 17: Deciding to put JJ and Princess in public school was not any choice for me. I prayed and prayed over that choice for over a year. Trying to teach JJ at home was quite the chore because of how challenged she always had to be, as well as how stubborn she would react to some of the activities. And then, when her illness began in January, it was hard to send her to school everyday when I wanted her home with me so she could get well quicker. Doctor after doctor explained that we would simply be enabling her, so we left her where she was. I am glad we listened, because even after all the tears, I believe we made the right choice.

The past 11 months with JJ have been difficult for us as a family, but even more so when it came to her school attendance. Spending 2 separate weeks in the hospital and going back and forth to 7 doctors for several months took her away from class a lot. Not only did she have the absolute BEST first-grade teacher last year, and a wonderful, gentle 2nd-grade teacher this year, but she also had the full support of a loving office staff. Now, I am a little biased towards her school secretary since she has been one of my best and closest friends since JJ was born, but honestly, they were all terrific.

In addition, this year with Princess being at the school too, they have shown the same love for her and they both love their school. I am grateful to know that I am sending my children to a place where they are genuinely loved and taught with kindness by teachers and faculty that adore their students. I know I still foster relationships through Facebook with some of my elementary school teachers and just love that I am able to do that!

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