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30 days of praise

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Day 29: Today my mom celebrates her 56th Birthday! I know she does not mind me telling her age because she tells me often that she is proud of her age and happy to be here today. After being in remission for almost a year and a half now, I can assure you that we are all glad to have her here today!

My mom taught me a lot about parenting as I was growing up. She has always worked hard and given us everything she could. We may not have had much, but she always made sure that what we had was good enough. Of course, you do not understand the sacrifices of a mom until you become one yourself, but today I clearly see what my mom did for us.

And, most importantly to me, she is the most amazing MaMaw to my kids. Being the only grandmother my children know, they adore her with all they have. She takes them places, sews them dresses and doll clothes, makes them meals in “MaMaw’s Diner” and even teaches them the tricks-of-the-trade in the kitchen. I could not have asked for a better MaMaw for my children, Mother-in-Law to my husband, or mother to by brother, sister and I.

So, on this Day 29, I am grateful for my mom and the sacrifices she has made along the way, and continues to make now, to be the best mom and MaMaw she can be! Happy Birthday, Mom!

my mom

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