30 days of praise

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Day 22: When I was pregnant with my son, my biggest fear was that I would not be able to love my second child as much as I loved my first. As the pregnancy progressed, I was legitimately terrified that I would not have enough love to give to my husband, my daughter and this new baby. Boy, oh boy, was  I wrong!

The second I saw my newborn son’s hand reach up I was in love. Upon delivery, he reached up and his hand was the first thing I saw of him. He had his daddy’s hands from birth and that tiny piece of him was enough for me to adore. Although he had colic for about 6 months, I still loved him with all I had. He was my son and I had an equal amount of love to share with him as I did his older sister.

Today, my 14 year old lone prince is something else. He has a personality and style all his own and I appreciate his originality. He also is probably the one person in the house who matches my adoration for all things tech and hip. He and I have similar personalities and enjoy laughing at crazy things together. He has always been the one person that can make me smile or laugh at any given minute. He is an entertainer without even trying.

Thus, today I am grateful for my one and only son. He is a “momma’s boy” and I do not know how I could ever not love him as much as I do. As a growing teen coming “into his own” he can test the limits, but even though he is taller than me and I am still the boss! 🙂


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