30 days of praise

Day 23: I just wrote about our 6 year old Princess a few weeks ago, and today I am writing about how grateful I am for her. Funny thing is, she probably has one of the biggest pieces of mom’s shyness than all the others. Even with people she has known her whole life, she will not want to talk to them or look their way. She hides behind one of us and shys away from others. I guess that is fine for now but I really hope she outgrows it.

Although, she has no problems talking to her friends. She is quite the little social butterfly at school and the other girls typically fight over who gets to play with her. Princess has a personality all her own and is our biggest diva! She is ALL GIRL more so than the other three. Princess enjoys wearing dresses, runs through the house in heels, and is always wanting to wear make-up. Seriously?! When I look at my Princess I am reminded of God’s sense of humor because He has to be laughing at me with these girly girls!

Princess has a contagious laugh, yet hates to listen to us laugh in a group?! She is super sensitive and thrives on words of affirmation. I am grateful that God gave us this little Princess to remind me of all things pink. I grew up a tomboy and need to be pulled over to the girly side every once in a while… and Princess is the one to do it!

Did I mention she also hates pictures like her mommy?! 

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