30 days of praise

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Day 28: As I reflect on my Heavenly Father on Sundays, I am also brought back to my earthly Father. Growing up he may not have been the “Daddy” of every girls’ dreams, but he was my daddy and I loved him still. And today, I love him even more. He is an amazing PaPaw to my children and loves the Lord with all his heart. After being sober for almost 12 years on December 5th, he has become the greatest evangelist I know. My dad has a fire for God and enjoys sharing his love and testimony of being reborn with all that will listen.

He is also a servant and shares his love for wood work and other skills to continuously help others. Watching my dad’s transformation over the past 12 years has taught me that if God can change him he can change anyone. I prayed my entire childhood to have the Dad I do today and I am beyond grateful for him. My children adore him. Myhusband considers him one of his best friends. He likes to laugh and make others do so as well. He entertains us by being so over-protective if the kids. And he watches TV like a pro with his eyes closed. Plus, he truly has one of the most patient, resilient characters of anyone I know and has the faith that can truly move mountains.

Today, and every day, I am forever grateful for the man I proudly call “Dad.” I am such a Daddy’s Girl.

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