30 days of praise

Day 5: This past year or so I have come across a myriad of doctors, nurses, technicians, psychiatrists, therapists and more. I cannot say that everyone that I met was helpful or good at what they did, but I can say that most of them were.

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I am more than grateful for the doctors that worked so hard to put my mom’s cancer into remission. I appreciate the work that goes into searching for a cure and putting together the treatment regime.

I began to know my mom’s doctors and nurses on a personal level and was appreciative of their friendship through the process.

This year, I have been in close contact with a team of doctors that have helped us walk JJ through her journey with chronic constipation, anorexia, depression, anxiety, and serotonin toxicity.

Her doctors extended from Dallas to Fort Worth and a few places in between. 5 different hospital or medical centers and a large network of hands working to make her better.

SuperDad and I built a relationship with her Play Therapist and were able to call her at the slightest hint of anticipation on JJ’s end. I now know the inside of Children’s Hospital in Dallas very well and love the staff we have met through the journey.

I am grateful that God gives these people the wisdom they need to care for their patients. I am thankful that this team of doctors was laid out for us and worked diligently to ensure that our daughter would continue to heal.

Today, almost 11 months since we began seeing the signs, I am overcome with joy as I watch my daughter live her life… happy.

She understands the need to eat and has put her weight back on. She knows when it is time to take her medicine or ask for help in the bathroom. She no longer cries at school or stops to see our friend in the office everyday.

We no longer have to drive to the hospital once a week to see her Play Therapist just so JJ can get by week after week. We have some so far the past 10 and a half months!

There were days when I looked forward to nothing else but this moment.

Thank you God for giving us doctors, nurses, technicians, psychiatrists, therapists, specialists, pharmacists, paramedics, and others that devote their lives to helping others.

365 Days of Gratitude

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