30 days of praise

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Day 3: As the cold weather moves into North Texas, I am beyond grateful for a nice, warm house. I think we sometimes take things as “simple” as a place to call home for granted. There are those out there without a home and no way to escape the several facades of the weather. In fact, we have taken our children to minister to homeless in both the cold and the heat. We gather clothes and food and pass them out to those in need. It is a great way to show our children just how “lucky” they are and how much “need” there is in our world.

I feel blessed to know I have a roof over my head every month, and, even better, that my children are warm and comfortable in their own home. Although our home can become a bit drafty when the North winds blow in off the lake, we are still protected from the elements. Even though our plumbing acts up, the doors stick, the walls have a crack or two, and the stairs creak, the house is still our home. We are able to all live here comfortably and together and that is all that really matters.

What are you grateful for today?

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