30 days of praise

Day 23: Today, this Thanksgiving, I have a whole new meaning for the term “grateful.” We have walked such an incredible journey with our 7 year old this year and I am so thankful to be on this side of it. When I am asked why I blog I always talk about JJ’s journey with anorexia, chronic constipation, and emotional challenges being the main reason. I needed somewhere to vent what I had building up inside. My fears, frustrations, anxieties, and, eventually, praises. The hospital stays began in January but we started seeing some of the beginning effects last December.

Now, 11 months later, we once again have a happy, healthy 7 year old daughter. She smiles. You do not know what that means for me to say. I am crying behind these words. Her demeanor during those times was so sad, her eyes sunken into her small face, and her little body was mere bones. During her bursts of anger, her eyes became glassy, here voice deep, and her stare was chilling to encounter. I am shaking as I remember. It was one of the hardest trials we have ever walked through, and we have walked through several.

But, today, JJ eats like a growing girl should. She understands her body and knows that she must not only take food in but put it out as well. Not to mention, after weaning her from every medication and just one quick “booster” appointment with her play therapist in August, she is the epitome of health! Straight A’s in school. Teacher’s pet. And best of all, a humanitarian at heart. She cares about others more than herself and it is so apparent in the way she thinks and behaves. I absolutely love that about her.

So, today, as we give thanks for an abundance of blessings from this past year, I have to say this is #1 on my list. There were days when I never thought we would get here, and now that we have I am grateful for the new season in our lives. This Thanksgiving I am grateful for my healthy 7 year old, JJ.

This is also my little blogger and she loves to write songs, record them with my iPhone or iPad and then upload them to her blog via YouTube. So, instead of a picture I thought I would upload a video of her singing about a happy day with the family. Happy Thanksgiving! 🙂

365 Days of Gratitude

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