2014 Kia Forte

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Trying to find a quality car to fit your budget can sometimes be a budget. You know what features you want and have a price point to stick to, right? Well, if you are looking for an affordable compact sedan, the 2014 Kia Forte should be on the top of your list!

2014 Kia Forte

2014 Kia Forte

Although the 2014 Kia Forte is not considered a luxury car, that does not mean you will not feel great driving it. The technology and comfort found on more expensive cars can still be found on the Forte, at a more reasonable price. That just means more money in your pocketbook to go on more pleasant drives in your sedan. Enjoy the little things in the car, as well as the scenery, and do not worry about the rest of the world for a bit.

Forte driver center

For instance, a few of the fanciful features on the 2014 Kia Forte include:

  • Uvo eServices Infotainment System – This system gives you complete control of your phone and music functions, as well as your rear view camera
  • Voice-Command Navigations System with HD Radio technology – Although optional, this is the nerve center of your Forte and well worth the added expense. The real-time highway conditions from SiriuzXM Traffic alone are a nice asset to have. The navigation is easy to use and contains fantastic features even within its own platform. Forte technology
  • Active Eco System – This adjusts the torque map, shift schedule, torque filtering and idle RPM speed to help achieve optimal gas efficiency.
  • Flex-Steer™ Driver-Selectable Steering Assist – Allows the driver to choose from standard, sport or comfort settings while behind the wheel. Forte steering wheel
  • Folding Mirrors – Okay, these caught me off guard. When you walk up to the car and have the key toggle in your hand, the windows will unfold and get into driving position. Such a nice little touch that adds a great value.
  • 6-Way Adjustable Driver’s Seat – Standard on both the LX and EX, you can personalize your seating position to fit your driving style and needs. And then you can save the settings for easy adjusting later. Adjustable Driver's Seat
  • Xenon HID Headlights – Another optional feature that can be valuable for you to consider. The intense illumination they offer means reduced eye fatigue in those low-light driving conditions.
  • Heated Front & REAR Seat Bottoms – Can I tell you how excited my girls were to have this option?! Since most cars only have this option in the front seat, they had never experienced the warm seats. They thoroughly enjoyed being able to warm up when their daddy would freeze them out. Such a thoughtful, luxurious feature to include in the rear seats. rear heated seats

And that is really only a handful of features that put the Kia Forte on the list to begin with. The safety systems found in the car help minimize injury when accidents cannot be avoided. Not to mention, the overall styling and functionality of the Forte, paired with its affordable pricing, make it a strong competitor in the compact sedan market.

What luxury features would you like to see in an affordable sedan?

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