Six-Speed 2013 Ford Focus ST is Turning Heads

Disclosure: We were loaned the Ford Focus ST for 7 days in order to facilitate this review. No other compensation was given. All opinions are 100% my own.

When Colby and I planned our trip to Arkansas recently, we were thrilled to be given the opportunity to drive the 2013 Ford Focus ST. It was just going to be the two of us and the car was perfect for the road trip. Little did we know it would turn heads as much as it did. This “little” car made a big impression.

2013 Ford Focus ST

2013 Ford Focus ST

Why?” you ask. First, just take a look at it. It’s a pretty car, no doubt.

2013 Ford Focus ST

But that is not the only reason. Once you take a look inside you will see why.

  • Exclusively equipped with a six-speed manual transmission – Yes, 6 speed! I learned to drive in a manual transmission car but it has been years since I had to use that knowledge. Anxious as we set out to grab coffee one night (yes, night because there are less people on the road), I actually had a flawless ride! No milkshake ride from me. The Ford Focus ST handled with ease and was such a fun car to drive. I think it totally made me miss driving a stick shift.six-speed manual transmission
  • RECARO front seats specifically designed for performance driving – At first glance, I was not sure these race-style seats were going to be too comfortable on a 6 hour drive. I was wrong! In fact, my seat laid all the way back and I could have taken a nap on the road if I wanted. Plus, the “hugging” nature of the seats actually made it a more satisfying fit. They had a great breathable fabric and were definitely a delight to see when you opened the door to step in. RECARO front seats
  • Unique ST gauges with red needle pointers – Ok, I have always wanted to race cars. Always. Alas, Colby would not let me. So, seeing these ST gauges on the dash were exhilarating. They completed the overall performance feel of the car and made driving it even more thrilling. Sometimes it is all about the little things.  ST gauges
  • Variable-ratio steering rack is designed to increase the agility of winding roads while still inspiring high-speed confidence – Considering we drove the Focus ST on a 6 hour road trip… the steering wheel was an essential part of our drive. Colby drove pretty much the entire trip and the car handled like a charm. Whether we were driving through the winding mountain roads or cruising down a straight path, the steering wheel directed the car with ease. Variable-ratio steering rack

But the outside appearance is still the first thing people see on the road. We saw turning heads as we drove down the road, as well as when had the car parked. We would watch from afar as people stopped, pointed, and took a look inside.

  • Sculpted side skirts and dynamic rear bumper with prominent diffuser-style vents in the lower fascia – There is no mistaking that the Focus ST is made for performance. The aerodynamic styling of the car is apparent and adds to the overall experience. The sporty design (both inside and out) delivers an exciting, distinctive drive for those lucky enough to step inside. dynamic rear bumper
  • Focus ST’s signature production color, Tangerine Scream, reflects its exciting and energetic character and is meant to be seen – YES! This! The color is vibrant and impressive. It naturally demands attention and people turn to take a look. It is also available in Ingot Silver Metallic, Tuxedo Black Metallic, Performance Blue, Race Red and Oxford White, but I think the Tangerine Scream is my favorite. Tangerine Scream

Plus, I can also add that all three of the girls still fit in the backseat without being squished. In fact, they really liked riding in this car. It was something different for them and they had a blast. Colby and I? Yeah. This was most assuredly another favorite. Not sure how many we are allowed to have but this one is on that list as well.

Which feature would you most like? Or which color do you think you would pick for yourself?

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