Las Vegas is proving to be so much more than I could imagine. Deciding to join Jennifer from Makobi Scribe, Yolanda from Sassy Mama LA, and Amber from Parent Palace, we have already had quite an adventure here at CES 2012.

The antics experienced the first day with 3 separate flights from 3 different parts of the country, trying to check into the hotel, exhaustion, confusion, finding each other even though we had never met in real life… all in the first day. Yesterday we added one more to our group and started our journey through Press Day.

After trying 4 different locations we finally got our press badges. Stood in line for about 30 minutes and walked into a room fit for 500 and holding about 2,500. We were packed in like sardines and. Everyone was fighting for the same attention from all those hardworking sales and PR reps. Trying to talk to someone became an intimate moment as you were shoved from behind. It was insane!

Afterwards, we drove to the other end of the strip for a more personal launch of about 12 different product lines. There we met the amazing team at WeeView, had an amazing view of the city, and we’re able to just sit and enjoy the conversation. It proved to be a great ending to our long and busy day!


I am so out of my element, but learning so much! The experience I have gained and contacts made just in this first day has been worth the trip. I miss my family, tear up when I talk to my kids, adore my husband even more for supporting my every move, and am growing as a blogger as I spend every moment with these amazing women!

Watch for more from CES… including TONS of information about all the great products we are discovering.

From Vegas….